5 Ways Employees’ Personal Finance Affect Your Business

As a small business owner, you have probably witnessed or have knowledge of employees at your company who are struggling to make ends meet, perhaps living paycheck to paycheck. These are good employees who are good people, and surprisingly, they encompass a wide range of compensation levels and demographics at your organization. What you may or may not see or hear about is the financial-related stress they are under and how that stress is impacting their work-life situation. While each person’s circumstance is situational, the most common root cause is a lack of understanding around the fundamental concepts of personal finance. At this point, you may be asking yourself: “What does this have to do with our company?” The answer is: “A lot.” Financial-related stress impacts your employees and…

1. Decreases their productivity

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2. Increases health-related absences due to stress

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Employers lose millions of dollars each year due to employee stress.

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3. Distracts from the job-at-hand

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4. Can negatively impact client and/or co-worker relationships

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5. Costs your company money

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