About Us

YourMoney101.org provides employer-sponsored financial wellness and mentoring services to companies with less than 350 employees.

We educate individuals and their families on the basics of personal finance thereby enabling them to take control of their own finances, helping them build a solid financial foundation, and providing them a pathway to reach their financial goals. Ultimately, our programs create a win-win situation for the company and their employees

About You

The importance of building a mutually beneficial relationship between your organization and YourMoney101 cannot be overstated.

Therefore, not every company will benefit from the personal finance mentoring and coaching services we can provide their employees.  

As the owner, if you and/or your leadership team…

  • Are not committed to the program
  • Are not ready to make an investment in your employees
  • Are not able to honor employee confidentiality and expect to be updated on personal situations

…then YourMoney101 is not a fit for your organization.