Employer Program

A benefit for your employees...

...is a benefit to your business.

A majority of employees stress about their financial situation. When businesses provide programs aimed at addressing employee stress, there is a direct correlation to increased employee loyalty.

Beyond their job responsibilities, the need to be respected, and the relationship with their direct manager, employees want an employer to care about their overall wellbeing. Providing a program which addresses an important part of an employee’s life – their personal finance situation – is a critical component of a company’s retention plan.

Differentiate your company from your competitors and be the “Employer of Choice” by helping your employees deal with their financial stressors.

If you want to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of your employees and their families, provide them with a program that addresses their financial stressors through education, coaching, and mentoring.

You can make a difference...

Working with my YM101 coach has helped me gain control of my personal finances. I now know where my money is going each month and have a much better handle on what I need to do to address the short-term while building for the future.
Katie L.
Program participant
Prior to working with my YM101 personal finance coach, I constantly worried about my finances to the point it was a distraction at work and in my life -- I feared the unknown. After one-on-one meetings and some pointing in the right direction, I feel much better about my situation and have more confidence in my ability to make financial decisions. However, when in doubt, I know I have someone I can turn to for unbiased advice.
Lainie F.
Program participant



Flexible in-person and virtual engagement. Frequency and duration of onsite time is determined on a per contract basis and virtual meetings are flexible to meet the needs of your employees.

Employees do not need to wait until the scheduled onsite time to reach out with personal finance-related questions, issues or guidance.  They can reach out anytime at their convenience.

Employees are not limited to onsite time or business hours. 1-2-1 meetings can occur at a time and location convenient for the employee and their family.  We encourage and recommend the involvement of family members in the personal finance process.

Unless desired otherwise, a limited number of emails are sent to “all” employees so not to overload inboxes. Specific interest information is provided upon request and/or based on employee demand.

The Process


Gather Questions

We ask attendees to provide their questions in advance of the session. The in-advance questions along with questions asked during the Info Session often result in a very engaging experience for the audience and the presenter.


Q&A Session

We conduct “Q&A based Info Sessions” in a group setting for all interested employees with the purpose of answering their questions and educating them on the basics of personal finance.


Personal Attention

After the Info Session, we schedule 1-on-1 meetings for those employees who wish to do so.  We recommend and encourage employees to include those family members involved in the personal finance process.  For those employers under contract, the Info Session is a recurring event and 1-on-1 meetings are an ongoing component of your Financial Wellness Program.


On-going Support

The personal finance coaching and mentoring can be one-time or ongoing based on the needs of, and solely at the discretion of, the employee.

Schedule a Q&A or Learn More session.

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